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Hi Gary,

Thanks again for all your support and especially for following up after our event. Overall, for our first Beers 4 Books event (our first RTR event actually), we are extremely happy with the turnout. We raised over 300 books (306 to be exact) which seems to be less that the numbers I see in the discussion board, but since RTR is still fairly unknown in Montreal, we are really pleased with the results.

We had a dual objective that night:
1) build awareness of RTR in Montreal where the organization is fairly unknown.
2) support Local Language Publishing Program and

We were suprised that people ended up recruiting so many others to join! We had a table out with examples of publications from RTR, left bookmarks on the bar tables and even had a donation box. Colin and I spent a lot otime speaking to guests, sharing our reasons for being involved in RTR, what we hope to achieve etc.

We didn't have much time to plan since Colin and I were basically organizing on our own. What we would do differently:
- Plan earlier
- Have a true planning committee to help our with various elements
- Organize a silent auction or raffle at the door which we didn't have time to do (but will definitely next time!)
- Have someone in charge of pictures

Following the event a number of guests expressed interest in being involved in this great organisation so we are now formalizing our Chapter committee which is great news for us!

Thanks again for helping us out. Your documents on the Beers4Books website were amazing. We will definitely be doing this again, even discussing with other Canadian Chapters to do a nationwide B4B on the same day in September!

Take care and thanks again,

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