Beers for Books

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"One book, one beer"



Beers for Books' goal is to provide an easy and fun way to help Room to Read, an organization dedicated to bring books to millions of children in developing countries.

Your involvment can make a big difference.


Here's how you can get involved:

Organize an event
Everybody can organize an event. Grab the organizer's manual under the tools section of this site and learn how to identify a place, ask the owner, agree on the terms, promote your event, add your own ideas and enjoy beers for books.

Host an event
Do you own a place? Do you serve beer? Wherever you're in the world, take a look under the tools section of this site and learn how you can sell beers for books.

Attend an event
Check out our list of events and make plans to attend one near you.


Spread the word
Talk about Beers for Books around you. Bring your friends to events. Join the Facebook group. And, of course, register to this website and be a part of a growing community.



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