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Help us have a Beers for Books event happen in every prefecture in Japan in 2009! Do you know people, places, networks that we can reach out to to introduce Beers for Books outside of Tokyo? This is the place to share information and strategies to help fill the Japan map.

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Good news! We've filled in the map for Tokyo-to (thanks Paul!) and now we have interest in B4B events from Shimane, Fukushima, Niigata, Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa, Okinawa, Hyogo, Nagano, and Fukui prefectures. I’ve also scheduled the first event in San Diego (March 26th—I’ll be there) and have people in Portland (thanks Kiyoshi), Seattle, and NYC interested.

The idea virus has been launched and I could really use your support in getting like-minded folks outside of Tokyo to be a pioneer and support a B4B event. I'll keep you posted when things firm up in other prefectures, but let me know if you know a bar owner, organizer, etc. that would enjoy giving it a shot.
Hi Gary,

The Sydney Chapter of Room to Read would like to host a Beers for Books event. We are looking at the tool kits and other material on the site. We would love to be in email communication with someone who has done this before, just to ask a few questions and get some advice as we get started. Could you put me in touch please?
Thank you
There is a large group of young, beer drinking, socially conscious? non-Japanese residents in the JET Programme (full disclosure: alumnus, circa 1990's) Might be a way to tap into this group which is throughout Japan...
Hi Charlie, YES! We've been reaching out to JETs in various prefectures to get the ball rolling with them, but its still a work in progress. If you have any JET friends, feel free to pass the word along to them. We just need a few people to step up and set an example and I think others will want to join in the fun.

Is there a Japanese version of the "for venue owners" presentation? Am I imagining that there was one?
Sure would help explain things...
Hi Charlie,

Yes, if you can send me your mail address in a private mail to gary(at) I'll send it to you as an attachment. I'm off to Osaka tomorrow for a Beers for Books event there, so it may not get to you until Sunday night.

Cheers, Gary


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