Beers for Books


Learn more about the organization of an event

For organizers
Learn how to identify a place, ask the owner, agree on the terms, promote your event, add your own ideas and enjoy Beers for Books. Grab the English Organizer's Manual (English) 日本語 Organizer's Manual (日本語).

For venue owners
3 reasons why a bar/restaurant should consider hosting a Beers for Books event. Click Why Host a Beers for Books in Your Bar? 日本語.

Other tools

Action plan
How can one help? Here's a one-sheet action plan for everyone.
[download the the action plan in .doc format]

Want to promote Beers for Books? Use the logo.
[download the vectorized logo in .eps format]
[download the logo in .jpg format]

Beer glass graphic
Use the beer glass design to further promote an event.
[download the beer glass graphic in .jpg format]

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