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Hey guys,

RE: I'm asking for your interest and help with

My very good friend Gary Bremermann is a Tokyo business & social networker, a husband & father that people aspire to be, an all round nice guy and also cares about helping out children from developing countries around the world.

Rather than just do his bit, he saw a chance to use & leverage the fantastic organization & concept of (founded by ex-Microsoft executive; John Wood) along with Business & Social networking and mix it with a repeatable event system he created called

It's repeatable because it's designed so that anyone can create an event, big or small, anywhere in the world, and one book at a time, 100yen/$1 at a time, one child at a time, anyone, everyone, all of us can break the cycle of poverty and illiteracy that keeps so many children of the world from maximizing their life's potential.

Beers for Books: a fund-raising concept to support Room to Read's local language publishing program. Drink a beer, create a treasured book for a child.

We'd like to expand Beers For Books to every country in the world that our network and theirs reside, (where ever anyone is currently!). So please visit the websites above, and if you like send Gary &/or I a message and we'll help you kick things off!

Are you ready to organize a B4B event? Check out the Organizer's Manual available in the "Tools" section of the website! You can do it - it's simple and it's fun!

Thanks for reading, for checking out the website and, in advance, for organizing a Beers For Books event where ever you are, the first of many!

All the best,


PS. Please forward to whomever, where ever and give them my contact to assist if help wanted! (but everything you need is here!)

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